Tupelo Honey Gift Ideas

If you're looking for a sweet gift idea for almost any special occasion, consider all things Tupelo honey.  The all-natural treat is sure to please everyone on your guest list, from kids to adults of all ages.  Harvested only near the Georgia and Florida state lines, Tupelo honey is known for its creamy, buttery texture, and deep golden hue. Since it's produced in such a small region, Tupelo honey is often considered a highly sought-after southern delicacy.

4 Reasons To Enjoy Tupelo Honey

If you are looking to enjoy honey that stands out from the rest, you will want to try some Tupelo honey. Tupelo honey is different than regular honey as the bees that make the honey only feed off Tupelo flowers. Generally, with most types of honey, the bees feed off a variety of different nectar sources. When the bees feed off a single nectar source, the resulting honey is generally a little different.

4 Fascinating Facts About Tupelo Honey

Honey is a natural sweetener crafted by bees in their hives. The most common type of honey is clover honey, which is made from the pollen of clover plants. Different varieties of honey each have their own color and flavor. Tupelo honey is made from the pollen of tupelo trees. It's a unique type of honey that is prized by many. Tupelo honey makes an excellent addition to many desserts and drinks.

4 Benefits Of Sipping Fiber Water Throughout The Day

Fiber water is a product that many people are beginning to appreciate. It's basically water with some dissolved, soluble fiber within it. Why would you drink this product rather than simply drinking water? Well, as it turns out, fiber water has a number of benefits. Fiber water improves digestion. Many people struggle with digestion. Maybe you find yourself constipated from time to time, or perhaps you have bouts of loose stool.

3 Uses For Mimosa Hostilis Root Bark Powder

Mimosa hostilis is a small tree that is also known by the name jurema. The Mimosa hostilis plant has many practical uses. Its leaves, stem, and roots can all be used medicinally. Due to the plant's large size, growing a Mimosa hostilis tree for medicinal use is impractical for most people. Fortunately, health food suppliers sell parts of the tree that have already been harvested for use. Mimosa hostilis root bark can be purchased in powdered form, which will save you the trouble of cutting, drying, and scraping the roots yourself.